Servotech launched UVLEN Digital Sanitizer in India in Collaboration with a South Korean Company

Can you see bacteria and germs on your hands and other surfaces? The answer is no! As the bacteria are very small in size but can still harm your body. These bacteria can pass through touch and cause diseases in the body.

Now you can use UVLEN Digital Sanitizer to clean all surfaces on the go. It is the smallest sanitizer to be compatible with all smartphone devices at a lower cost.


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By simply pointing it at your hands, utilizing your smartphone flashlight combined with our Mobile App, sanitizing results can occur in less than 10 seconds.

With our patented technology Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation coat + Diffraction Grating splittng white beams combined with a dichroic mirror filter built with Fused Silica Amorphous; let certain colors of light through while reflecting others. This  lets far-UVC light straight through but reflecting green and higher wavelengths, producing high-efficiency 222 nm* far-UVC wavelength at a safe ratio which causes no harm to the soft skin

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UVLEN’s Mobile App handles most of UVLEN Performance-Algorithm by delivering the necessary amount of far-UVC wavelength without damaging skin cells, subsequently killing Bacteria & Viruses!

UVLEN is safe to use on any surface such hands or pets.

UVLEN is certified and clinically tested